dna-strandEveryone is born with miles of information that define their way their body is put together.  DNA contains all the vital information for cellular replication, and the intricate organs and systems of the body that allow life to be sustained.  DNA sets the stage for existence and life.

DNA is just as vital in a church.  The DNA identifies the purpose, the direction and the mission.  As we begin meeting with others in our Missional Community, we seek to replicate the DNA that God has placed in us over the past few years.  God has impressed upon that our church be focused on Knowing the Master, Mimicking His Ways, and Apprenticing others.  We desire to make disciple makers.  We practice and communicate these foundations that God has placed in us as our DNA and help others to take hold of them and move forward in the direction that God has for us to carry out the mission He has called us here to accomplish.