Stepping Onto the Porch

On several occasions the past two months, we have placed invitations door to door in our neighborhood.  As we have stepped onto the porch, at least 1/3 have some form of a “No Solicitation” sign.  According to Merriam-Webster, soliciting is defined as, “: to ask for something (such as money or help) from people, companies, etc.”  When we have gone door to door,
we have not asked for anything but, instead, invited the families to something.  We have had several people who were grateful to be asked, but we also had several people who rudely dismissed us and wanted nothing to do with us or anyone else.

We have seen various signs to dissuade individuals or groups from soliciting at certain houses but these are a few of the ones that caught my eye.IMG_0687Two things that stick out to me about this sign are that it is made of painted fired clay and that they are happy the way they are.  This view is prevalent here.  I have met atheists, agnostics and non-practicing-fill in the religious group-individuals here, and the overall sentiment is what is good for you is good for you and I am fine just they way I am.  IMG_0688

This sign made me chuckle because it was different but it is sad that Girl Scouts are more welcome than salesmen and God-fearing soul savers.  It is a sad thing to be filled with Thin Mints and not the Holy Spirit.


As an owner of a Welcome Bear, I was sad to see this twist on a typically friendly porch dweller.  What I can take away from this item is that, to those who are in their circle this family is friendly, but to outsiders they are unwilling to engage.


By no means is this the overwhelming view of the people of my neighborhood, but a significant portion of people feel this way and it is a barrier that we must work with to reach the people around us.  What are those barriers in your ministry?