The Art of Neighboring

Take just a few minutes to think about those who live nearest to you.  What are their names, jobs, hobbies, and political and religious views?  If you are unable to answer all of those questions, you are not alone.  A majorty of Americans cannot answer those questions about their neighbors.

The Art of NeighboringWe have lived in the Lowry neighborhood for just a little over one year and we are working hard to engage those around us at a deeper level.  The genesis for came from The Art of Neighboring by Pathak and Runyon.  We have been putting into practice many of the principles of this book.  We host a monthly party, with the intent of getting to know our neighbors.  We also actively engage in caring for our neighbors by getting to know more than just their names. We celebrate with them, pray for them and walk with them through difficult times.  We now, more than ever before, view those who live near us as our mission field.  As we plant our church, we are focusing on creating a culture of loving our neighbors.

Who is it, who lives within proximity to you, that you need to know more deeply?  How can you build a relationship that opens the door for conversations, not just about likes, but deep rooted heart issues (loves and hurts)?

One thought on “The Art of Neighboring

  1. We all should be looking out for our neighbors. If we reach out and get to know them better, we will be better able to help them with small problems such as fixing their lawnmower to bigger problems like an accident or death in their family. I am going to do a better job of being a “good neighbor” in our subdivision.

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